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Welcome to the world of Scouting and the 10th Craigalmond Scout Group
(formerly 10th Haymarket and 10th Midlothian)

We believe that young people develop most when they are learning by doing, when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks and think for themselves. Everything we do is guided by the balanced programme which is a continuous progression of training, activities, badges and awards for young people from 6 to 25. We offer a huge range of activities and experiences to suit all ages, abilities and interests including:

   Badge work – we still award badges and today there are lots of subjects to choose from including some traditional ones like camp cook to modern ones like global conservation.
  Awards and challenges – young people can work towards a range of these to reward participation, commitment and achievement. Some are individual and others for group efforts.
  Outdoors – camping and outdoor activities are a very important part of Scouting for all our members. This includes anything from a Beaver experiencing their first ever night away from home and family at a sleepover, to an expedition to Mount Everest.

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